Galfab Team Spotlight #2: James Franklin

•What is your current role, when did you start it, and what were you doing before?:
My current role is Supervisor of New Machine and Repairs. I am responsible for overseeing compactor and baler builds, as well as coordinating any repairs requested by the customer. Our team’s flexibility also allows for backing up the weld-out area in order to handle any customer add-ons or last minute modifications after container completion. I have nearly 9 (nine) years of industry experience and admit the time has moved quickly since starting in 2010.

•Where do you live?:
Tell us about your family: I currently live in Phoenix, AZ. I have three daughters (2, 10 and 16 years old) that take up most of my time outside of work. My family of five enjoys special moments that typically include our pets (two dogs and one cat).

•What is your favorite thing about working at Galfab and your specific role?:
One of my favorite things about Galfab is being “Certified Employee-Owned”. The overall sense of pride of ownership allows us to care more about the customer and help ensure continued success and wealth for working individuals. From a departmental standpoint, I take pride in being able to ensure a high quality product while maintaining the flexibility of customer demands.

•As a millennial, what is the most important thing you can bring to Galfab?:
I have been fortunate to have learned our products from start to finish, which allows me to ensure industry and company standards are met or exceeded. This attention to detail, along with my focus on accountability, allows me to mentor and grow from peers and co-workers alike.

•Do you experience any unique challenges in the workforce based on your youth?:
I don’t see any unique challenge- more so, opportunities to better myself and the company. I stay ahead with technology and best practices in order to stay ahead of any obstacles.

•What do you want to be when you “grow up”?:
My belief, is that we should continue to grow on a daily basis. That may mean a willingness to work with product specifications, or assist with a difficult or new product design. I enjoy my role and look forward to enhancing my supervisor skills in the coming years.

• What super power do you wish you had?:
Definitely flying! I would like to avoid the traffic that is typical with our daily commute!

• What do you do in your spare time?:
I enjoy family time, especially the time spent with my soon to be two-year-old daughter, Trinity. These years are especially critical and I enjoy every minute of it.

• Do you volunteer anywhere?:
I am currently not an active volunteer, but continue to search for opportunities within my community.

• Favorite sport: Football
• Favorite team: Cardinals
• Favorite food: Smoked Brisket
• Favorite TV show: Last Man Standing
• Best movie of all time: Tombstone

Galfab Team Spotlight

The Galfab team represents a variety of skilled professionals with decades of experience in the waste industry. From the Production floor to the Engineering, Sales and Management departments, Galfab’s blend of seasoned experts work with a cadre of eager up-and-comers that provide a fresh outlook, new ideas and a ”millennial” spirit. This is the first of several profiles featuring members of the Galfab workforce. This week, the spotlight is on Gavin Fulmer.

Galfab Announces New Chief Financial Officer


Galfab, a premier manufacturing company with locations in Indiana and Arizona, recently announced the appointment of Ian Nilson as Chief Financial Officer. Galfab CEO Jerry Samson stated, “It is my pleasure to welcome Ian as Galfab’s CFO. Ian brings over 20 years of professional financial experience. He has been involved in manufacturing his entire career and understands our environment.”

Nilson most recently served as Vice President and CFO for Destaco, a global workholding equipment and automated tooling solution company based in Auburn Hills, MI. Prior to that, Nilson spent over ten years with Tyco Flow Control of Houston, TX in a variety of leadership positions. Nilson holds a B.S. in Business from Purdue University, has earned several awards for professional excellence, and served eight years in the U.S. Army Reserves. Ian and his family currently reside in the Chicago area.

Nilson remarked, “I am looking forward to joining Galfab’s executive team. I feel my solid combination of skills and experience will compliment and support the legacy of a true industry innovator.” Samson added, “The recent move to an employee-owned company, and the addition of Ian as CFO strengthens our leadership and helps position Galfab’s future growth and success.”

Galfab Announces Employee Stock Ownership Plan

September 25, 2017 | CHARLOTTE, NC

Charlotte-based Mosaic Capital Partners, LLC, announced today that they led the structuring and funding of the employee stock ownership plan (“ESOP”) buyout of Galfab, a premier manufacturing company with locations in Indiana and Arizona, previously owned by Wastebuilt Environmental Solutions, LLC.

Mosaic Managing Partner Keith Butcher remarked, “Our team at Mosaic was honored to be selected to partner with Jerry Samson, the management, and employees in Galfab’s transition to employee ownership. Galfab is recognized throughout the industry as a premier designer and manufacturer of waste equipment of all types.”

Galfab CEO Jerry Samson, stated “We were very thorough in our process to choose the right partner. It became evident that Mosaic offered our employees, our customers and our growth strategy the best opportunity. The desire to create an ownership opportunity in Galfab for our over 150 employees was always the top priority for us. Our employees are the heart and soul of Galfab. We feel our corporate philosophy respects their individual skills, cooperative spirit and dedication to exceptional quality and service. This company was founded by Don Galbreath and built on his reputation in the industry. Taking care of all the employees was foremost on our mind. Galfab is well-known as an industry innovator and this new structure will position Galfab as a leading edge manufacturing employer.”

Dave McKeon, COO of Wastebuilt Environmental Solutions added, “We are very proud of Galfab’s growth and success under Wastebuilt’s ownership, and we look forward to partnering with Jerry and his team as Galfab becomes an independent, employee-owned company. Wastebuilt will continue to focus on its core business of providing parts, service and equipment to the refuse industry, with Galfab as an important partner for our company.”

About Galfab
Galfab, based in Winamac, Indiana and Phoenix, Arizona, is a leading manufacturer of cable roll-off hoists, single axle hook hoists, open top roll-off containers, packer receiver containers, front and rear load containers, self-contained compactors, self-dumping hoppers, and various other products for transportation in the garbage and scrap industry. For additional information, please visit

About Mosaic Capital Partners, LLC
Based in Charlotte, NC, Mosaic Capital Partners, LLC (“Mosaic”) is a private equity fund providing mezzanine debt and equity to privately held lower middle market companies.

About Wastebuilt Environmental Solutions, LLC
Wastebuilt was formed in December of 2012 in order to create a customer-focused and national provider of parts, service, and equipment for the waste and recycling industry. Wastebuilt is majority-owned by Millbrook Capital Management Inc., a New York City-based investment firm that seeks to acquire and grow companies in partnership with founders and experienced management teams by providing capital and strategic guidance.


WINAMAC, IL –March 10, 2017–Galfab Manufacturing (Galfab), a leading hoist, container and compactor manufacturer based out of Winamac, Indiana and Phoenix, AZ has reported another record year in 2016.

“By any standard of measure, Galfab had a tremendous year in 2016,” commented Jerry Samson, President of Galfab. “The momentum we had coming into 2016 continued throughout the year. Our expanding workforce has responded to robust business and allowed us to grow at an amazing rate.”

Galfab was founded by Don Galbreath in 1992. Mr. Galbreath produced his first roll-off hoist in 1959 and is often credited with the invention of the modern day roll-off hoist. His knowledge and expertise is still a guiding factor for Galfab today.

“I am extremely excited about our plans to continue to provide quality products in the waste industry for the upcoming years.” added Samson. “This past year was great but we have much more we want to accomplish going forward by expanding our production capacity.”

Talking about the newly designed DOT bumper to be used with pintle hooks

The Galfab tandem style roll-off hoists are now standard with a pintle ready rear apron.
What that means is that if your chassis is equipped with air and electric to the rear all you may
need to do is install a pintle hook, hook up the glad hands and start pulling a trailer.
That’s right, our DOT bumper now comes equipped with pin up brackets that will allow you to
manually fold up the bumper and pin it allowing you to pull a trailer.

If you have an older style unit without the pin up brackets and pin assemblies they can be
purchased at Galfab. When ordering ask for (2) MS 5646 pin up lugs and (2) MA 4709 pin assemblies.

Galfab continually strives to be innovative in making the most user friendly hoist in the industry.


Click Below for Diagrams:

Auto Fold Bumper 8 inch MA 687

Pin up lug MS 5646

Pin Assy MA 4709 5-17-16

Galfab Executive Spotlight: Ben Scheiner

Cal Franklin interviews

Galfab Vice-President of Manufacturing Ben Scheiner

Ben Scheiner serves as the Plant General Manager for Galfab in Winamac Indiana, home of the Galfab4W0A2500_WEB Roll-Off Hoist. He is a Manufacturing and Supply Chain leader with over 20 years of experience helping people and organizations achieve their maximum potential. He has worked as an Operational Consultant and Coach in Semiconductors, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and Electronic Assembly. He has been the Plant Manager of the leading factory in its field in the world and Head of Operations for DeLaval’s Chemical Division. Ben holds a degree in Industrial Engineering and an MBA. He is a Chartered Engineer via the IET in the UK and a Chartered Fellow of CMI in the UK, he is a Certified Supply Chain Professional through APICS, the Association for Operations Management in the US. He is a Senior Member of the Institute of Industrial Engineers. In his spare time he studies Spanish and volunteers in Spanish. Ben is the Pulaski County representative on the Northwest Indiana Workforce Board.

Franklin:   The accent is the first thing people notice about you. Tell us what brought you to the United States.

Scheiner:  A few years ago I was given the opportunity to relocate to Washington State to work as a Plant Manager for a factory making milking equipment. I have been a manufacturing professional for most of my career and the opportunity to manage a plant was too good an opportunity to pass up. I lived in the Pacific Northwest for 4 years and have been in the Midwest for the last 3.

Franklin:   How did you come to Galfab and how has that experience been for you?

Scheiner:  I was recruited to help turn the Galfab facility into a modern world-class manufacturing unit. Once again – an opportunity too good to pass up. Change is always hard and the change process in Winamac is no exception but we have a superb team, both back office and in the shop. 2015 has been a great year and the team delivered amazing results. From a companywide perspective, Galfab has grown both organically and through acquisition in the short time I have been a part of it – I think this is a great time to be a part of this company.

Franklin:   I read somewhere about your thoughts on the concepts of trust as it relates to the business product. Can you explain what you meant?

Scheiner:  I look at this from 2 key aspects. One aspect is from our customers’ perspective. They trust us to deliver a high quality product every time – improving that quality while delivering the growth we enjoyed in 2015 is a key focus of mine. The other aspect is in the relationship in the team – if I (we) can create an environment of trust where everyone pulls in the same direction, the team can achieve amazing results and ultimately the team wins.
Franklin:   I understand you’re married to a practicing Psychotherapist? Tell us about your family.

Scheiner:  I have been married to Tamara for 15 years, she is a South African from Cape Town. We have 9 year old twins – a boy and a girl – Gil and Noa, they were born in the UK but, unlike me, they have American accents. 9 is a great age where kids have a lot of cool and intelligent stuff to say. I think that being married to a Psychotherapist gives me a unique insight into what makes people tick and how to motivate via passion, compassion and understanding. As an engineer, I often see things in black and white, Tamara helps me to achieve a more complex and textured perspective.

Franklin:   You once told me that building the best quality product is the goal you want to achieve. Can you explain?

Scheiner:  The Galfab roll-off hoist has always been renowned as a quality product with innovative features. In 2015 we successfully met the challenge of maintaining and improving that quality while experiencing rapid growth. We do this via a combination of fixtures, checklists and testing. Every hoist goes through an engineering review before production starts and is tacked in a fixture to ensure consistent quality. Checklists are used throughout the process and we do a full functional test with a loaded container for every hoist. Once it is ready to go, the hoist goes through a multipoint final inspection by a dedicated team. However like you, I am a fan of the late, great Bear Bryant – who wanted “committed not contented” players – what we have achieved this year is merely the starting point for our next level of improvements.
Franklin:   You are the Pulaski County representative on the Northwest Indiana Workforce Board. Tell us about your work with the Board.

Scheiner:  The Board provides oversight and vision to all aspects for developing a workforce that is ready for future challenges. My involvement enables me to have a direct influence on that. Some of the reasons I enjoy working in Indiana include the importance placed on manufacturing and the innovative programs in place to connect the right people with the jobs we have. I really like being a part of that and being able to impact what the future workforce will look like. Being part of the Board has also enabled me to meet interesting and passionate people who I would not otherwise have met.